Eventbrite Organizer (Formerly Neon)

Eventbrite Organizer (Formerly Neon)

Eventbrite Organizer (Formerly Neon)

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G+ Hangout #6: Showtime! Recruiting and Empowering a Volunteer Crew

Eventbrite Organizer is your one-stop shop for managing event sales and attendees on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Monitor real-time ticket sales, check-in attendees, track attendance live, and accept fast, secure payment for tickets and merchandise on-site. Get all the details at eventbrite.com/eventbrite-organizer-app

With Eventbrite Organizer, you can:
- Take control of your ticket sales with access to real-time data.
- Rely on easy-to-use ticket scanning and check-in to give guests a flawless entry experience.
- Keep your finger on the pulse of your event with live attendance tracking.
- Accept fast, secure payment for tickets and merchandise on-site and never miss a chance to sell.

Key Features:
- Check-in That Works: Reliably and efficiently check-in attendees by scanning tickets with the camera on your mobile device. Or, simply look up your guest’s name directly with a quick search of your guest list. Say goodbye to check-in headaches with our easy-to-use entry manager technology.
- Solve Customer Requests Fast: Quickly look up orders, and reissue, cancel, or refund orders on the spot.
- Real-Time Data: All sales and check-in data is synced with Eventbrite’s servers, so you can use multiple devices at different entry points without missing orders or duplicating tickets.
- Multi-lingual? No problem: Organizer is also available in German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, and Spanish. Olè!

Limited time offer We’re waiving service fees on any Eventbrite Organizer transactions. Standard credit card processing fee (3%) will be charged on all credit card orders.

What is Eventbrite?
Eventbrite is the world’s largest self-service ticketing and registration platform, hosting a vibrant collection of live experiences to fuel people’s passions and enrich their lives.

What's New in Version 6.0

Along with performance improvements and bug fixes, we've made some design changes:

• Eventbrite Neon is now Eventbrite Organizer!
• All new look and feel
• New button to open the camera to scan tickets at the door that is optimized for speed
• A new Orders screen where you can now look up orders for your event to perform refunds, resend order confirmations
• Camera optimizations to improve performance scanning tickets at the door
• Connect to a Star Printer via Bluetooth to print tickets at the door
• Bug fixes and performance improvements